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Admirology WEB Homage IV WEB Convergence
TheOlogies (monochromatic)

TheOlogies (chromatic)

Homage The Emperor’s New Clothes Between Worlds From the Deep

About Rick Rogers:

In 2006, I was traveling away from home on a weekly basis to work. The evenings away were dull without my wife and my kids, so I decided to take a class at the local college. An introduction to drawing is what I decided on, and with the help of a great professor, I was off on a new adventure. It wasn’t long before I was taking my sketchbook everywhere, and even stopping on the highway during the weekly commute.

I still love to draw, especially figures from life. Initially, colour was the most joyous element of art for me. Whether it was bold and saturated or a subtle grey, a well placed colour communicated feeling like nothing else. But more recently, texture has become the most evocative element of my compositions. I am exploring how textures impact viewers, and also how they interact with each other and with colour in a composition. A unique and effectively used texture invites the viewer to touch your work with their eyes.

The works above represent several series that I have developed or am currently developing:

  • Ologies  is a current series that began exploring more painterly approaches using texture. Recognizing a need for more knowledge of how textures interact in a painting, it is proceeding in parallel with Homage. It started with a painting that contrasted dramatic glossy colour with opaque white rough texture and has progressed with a wide variety of explorations of colour and texture together.
  • Homage was begun very shortly after Ologies and is a current series of texture-focused studies that explore the interaction of textures. It is also an homage to the works and academic writings of Josef Albers who studied colour theory and wrote Interaction of Color. Albers also created a large series of paintings of nested squares of colour titled Homage to the Square.
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes  is a series that started as an exploration focusing on the use of texture alone. As it developed, the objective shifted to using shadow, reflection and transparency to develop images. The first four works were exclusively white, but colour has reemerged in a quiet way. The title of the series reflects the vulnerability I felt as a colourist producing works with no colour.
  • Between Worlds  is a series born from discovering the magic of opaque pigment layered over transparent pigments and mediums.  It is inspired by glistening liquid surfaces and what lives on either side of those surfaces.  This series is also an opportunity to explore the artistic space between the abstract and the representational.  Each image begins with an abstract background and line drawing.  The drawing is resolved into a realistic image, while the background remains essential as an implication of mystery and depth.
  • From the Deep is a series that was inspired by the naturally bubbling and flowing forms of water, and developed using a variety of painting techniques. Each of these pieces requires manipulation of pigments suspended in watery medium, difficult to completely control, and requiring a willingness to go with the flow.  It became a liberating process to paint these works.

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