RICK ROGERS – pigment storm fine art

Artist’s Bio

As an adult, I remember with a touch of amusement, the bitterness of not finding finger paints in my stocking on Christmas morning. Who could really blame Santa? But the simple joy of playing with those squishy pigments at grade school is a memory that remains true for me today.

A hiatus of forty years from that kind of play didn’t diminish the joy. Those additional years have instead amplified my enjoyment of creating images. Whether I am drawing a figure realistically or painting abstractly, I find myself drawn into a focused state, a single mindedness that I’ve only experienced in competitive sport and dance performance – and perhaps finger painting!

My tools are no longer limited to my fingers, but that playfulness is still a part of my experience of making art. Drawing, painting, pouring, dripping, pushing, squeezing, carving, printing, casting, collaging, and modeling are the action words of my studio time. Of course it is fun! On the other hand, when the fun is over, the image also needs to be interesting enough to engage the viewer and keep their attention. Resolving the composition of a painting is at times a challenge, but it is more an absorbing puzzle than an annoying dilemma.

As an artist, I can control the physical aspects of the images I create, but the viewer experiences the image in their own way. This is especially true of abstract art. Whether their response is deeply emotional, consciously interpretive or simply inquisitive, it pleases me when someone stops just to take a closer look at one of my paintings.


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