RICK ROGERS – pigment storm fine art

– Various Works

Krak-KA-BOOMmmm Revolution Migraine Nereid WEB
Onomatopedia Shelter and Shield Sentiographica Studies

The works above represent several series that I have developed, two past series that I may continue at some point and a variety of other works:

  • Onomatopedia  is a past series that was created for the Art Gallery of St. Albert’s fundraiser Square One. These works started as visualizations of sounds. It seemed fitting that they should have onomatopoeic titles.
  • Shelter and Shield  is a past series created out of a fascination with shells of various kinds. It is surprising how much a shell can be transformed through the use of paint and mediums.
  • Sentiographica is a past series that was inspired by experiences that are deeply rooted in sensations and emotions. This series draws upon a graphic arts sensibility and borders unapologetically on the decorative.
  • Studies are a few works that were explorations that have not been developed as a series of work.

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